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We are a Mother & Daughter duo that together create handmade children’s clothing for your little ones. We embrace and are empowered by sustainable practices: buy local, made ethically, & use  eco-fabrics to support the slow fashion movement with a lower environmental impact.  We are inspired by nature's beauty reflected in our designs, the prints we use, and the environmental practices we utilize.


My mother is by far the most business savvy and has a background in consulting new businesses and in ongoing practices. She’s also taught me the passion for sewing starting from my childhood and the reason this duo makes a great team. She has been crucial in coming up with new designs and testing them out. She’s artistic, creative, compassionate, and a guru at researching all things related to our business and creates a professional platform for Balsam Clothing to run on. She spends many hours sewing and creating clothing with love.


About me: I'm passionate about designing and creating clothing and I live in my work-space. When I'm not nursing in the hospital, I'm sewing. I'm passionate about the outdoors, love nature and spend my free time hiking, nordic skiing, and am enamoured by the Rocky Mountains I call home. Health is important to me and creating healthy clothing is an important component of that. I love to make things happen and am passionate about arts and culture. Long hours and hard work are normal for me and I love every minute of it. Balsam Clothing reflects this love.

Lisa & Shirley - Balsam Clothing & Designs


Shirley & Lisa